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Local Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Through mediation, divorcing couples or individuals with other family law issues can come to a resolution through compromise. As a result, they do not take their chances in court and avoid the cost of trial and lawyer’s fees. This process also minimizes animosity and conflict between the two parties, empowering them to find workable solutions.

Guardianship visitation

Legal issues including kids are frequently accompanied by extreme emotions. That’s in extreme situation, although they may have supervised visitation. The target, frequently, will be to coparent in some way, and the courts look upon one parent’s effort to sabotage another parent’s relationship with their kids.

Generally, guardianship organizations contain child placement choices and child custody.

Child custody means decision making regarding your kids’s breeding, including education and health issues. Courts can give both parents sole custody.
That is according to the needs of the child and usually includes having her or him reside with each parent for a specified timeframe.

Parental Rights Lawyer

Adoption transfers all rights and responsibilities for a child from the natural parents to the adoptive parent or parents. In order for the courts to grant an adoption, the parental rights of the natural or birth parents must be terminated. The processes for termination of parental rights and adoption can be complex, and anyone involved in this situation will benefit from the help of an experienced lawyer.

Probst Law Offices, S.C. provides representation to clients for individual, agency and non-agency adoptions. This also includes stepparent or other blood-relative adoptions. The procedures in Wisconsin for adoption and termination of parental rights can be complex, but they are intended to protect the best interests of children and rights of parents. Probst Law Offices, S.C has extensive knowledge of associated procedures and laws, and can skillfully guide you through the adoption process as effectively and efficiently as possible.


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